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Don't Miss the World Crime Convention
August 1 thru 7, 2012
at the World Famous King Vulture Hotel & Casino in Fabulous Las Vegas.
Session topics include

* Criminal Ethics - Should there be Honor Among Thieves? * Burglary - Latest Methods and Technologies
* How to Choose a Criminal Attorney * Murder for Hire - Modern Practices and Pitfalls
* Disposal - How to Get the Most for Your Loot * Extortion & Blackmail in the Twenty First Century
* Embezzlement for Fun & Profit * Comfortable Retirement - Where, When, How

Fantastic Facilities

* Al Capone's Speakeasy * Meyer Lansky Convention Hall
* Bonnie & Clyde's Café * Vito Genovese Banquet Hall
* John Dillinger's Gourmet Restaurant * Buggsy & Moe's Gambling Saloon

Sublime Services

* Massage services available 24*7 by our nude masseuses * Jam sessions to meet your colleagues and plan new capers
* In room entertainment of all types and styles * Limousine tours of Las Vegas, Hoover Dam, ...
* In-hotel religious services for every faith and creed * Swimming pools, tennis courts, 18 hole golf course, & more

King Vulture Hotel & Casino is owned and operated by 

Interview with Bernie Maddoff Criminal Capers What's New?

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 Great Criminals in Profile  
Alphonse Gabriel
"Big Al" Capone

The IOCA is proud to salute Big Al as Crook-of-the-Month.

Big Al rose from an impoverished family to become the richest person in the entire World before he reached the age of thirty.
Big Al was very fortunate in having the superb mentorship of the famous Johnny Torrio, one of the leading gangsters on the East Coast. After passing his internship with Johnny, Big Al moved on to Chicago and bigger and better things.

Always modest about his great achievments, Big Al received many honors. The one he was always proudest of was being chosen as the FBI's "Public Enemy Number One".

Big Al was also a philosopher. One of his wise insights was:
"You can get much farther with a smile and a gun than you can with a smile alone."

Support Organized Crime!

Organized crime needs your help. Over the years, zealous prosecutions have left many major criminal organizations broken, with most of their most esteemed members in jail. Now, another threat, greater than all of those in the past has arisen:

Drug Legalization!

Drug legalization could very well destroy the principal source of capital for organized crime. This capital is the very foundation of our business. Do you want your local mob boss to be out of a job? Certainly NOT! The criminal community needs drug money not only for direct income, but to support its many other public-spirited activities such as extortion, murder-for-hire, prostitution, crooked gambling, and many, many more.
Please, we appeal to you, do not let organized crime down. Write your elected representatives at once and tell them in no uncertain terms that you are opposed to any and all forms of legalization of addictive drugs. Have all of your employees do likewise. You will be performing a public service by keeping local and international organized crime strong and financially solvent.

just say no.jpg  
To Drug Legalization

Write NOW!

Organized Crime Opens Public Museum in Los Vegas
Follow this link for more details:
The Mob Museum